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Product Informations

GUARDAMPER is the world first phone mount integrated with Anti-Vibration System. Isolating not only high frequency vibration but low frequency which is damaging your phone. Besides, we use CNC machine to produce GUARDAMPER with an aluminum unibody for better performance which also makes GUARDAMPER a real high-end product.

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Requirement (including, but not limited to)

1. Posts


[How important is anti-vibration on phone mount]
[The key value of this product for your journey]
[Engraving service now available only on official website]



2. Media

One post (including at least 3 photos/videos)

[ Distant view with motorbike, yourself, and product ]
[ Operate the phone on phone mount ]
[ Focus on the product on motorbike (with personalized engraving) ]



Video is not necessary, but if you have, we recommend 5~10 seconds of product operating video.

3. Story

A photo or video

Notes:You cannot use any interactive features

Gifs / Stickers / @mentions / Hashtags / Music / Emojis

on your post.


Your photos/videos will be used for our promotional purposes.

if you don’t agree, please let us know in any time.

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Thank You

It’s an honor working with you, we hope you enjoy our products during your journey, and looking forward to see your photos.